Wellspring is a Partner Agency of Caregiver U

Caregiver U offers courses at no cost to participants. Each course is evidence based and led by two trained individuals. St David’s Health Foundation and the Georgetown Health Foundation support the project with grant funding.

Wellspring congregants serve as class leaders for each of three curricula, as well as performing administrative functions such as serving as course registrar, and preparing class materials. Volunteer opportunities include assisting with copying materials, securing resource materials, or becoming certified as a class leader in one or more of the curricula.

Contact Janice Wallace go2jw@yahoo.com to volunteer with the Wellspring Caregiver U Partner Agency

  • A Matter of balance

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of three older adults experience a fall each year. And falls are the leading cause of both nonfatal and fatal injuries in older adults. A Matter of Balance is a fun and dynamic course that emphasizes practical strategies to manage falls, reduce social isolation and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Classes follow an evidence based curriculum, offering practical strategies that work.

  • Powerful tools for caregivers

    This series of six classes is designed to empower family caregivers of older adults to take better care of themselves. The tools learned from Powerful Tools for Caregivers benefit caregivers by helping them reduce stress, improve caregiving confidence, establish balance in their lives, communicate their needs, make tough decisions, and locate helpful resources

  • savvy caregiver

    Taking care of a person with dementia is a role like no other, and that role requires training. Savvy Caregiver classes are led by a pair of trained facilitators to provide proven, professional-level training for the non-professional, family caregiver.

    The small group discussion format addresses the progressive impact of the illness and the skills needed to manage daily caregiver responsibilities.

    To locate a Caregiver U course that fits your needs visit: http://www.caregiverucentx.org/find-a-class/