Our church management system is ShelbyNeXT. You can view and update your personal data, track giving, view the calendar, and give online, among other features.

Click here or click the image to the left for a link to the web version, where you can begin setting up access to your account. 

Click here to view the ShelbyNeXT Tutorial Video

Click here to learn about online giving through ShelbyNeXT

If you have already set up your account (see the ShelbyNext Tutorial Video or handout), the DOMAIN is WELLUMC for both handheld devices and web pages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is ShelbyNeXT?

    • ShelbyNext is a unified, next-generation technology platform for churches to manage membership, calendaring, and giving.

  • How do I access ShelbyNeXT?

    • You can access ShelbyNeXT through your phone or table with the ShelbyNeXT App or on your PC or Mac web browser at

  • What can I use ShelbyNeXT for?

    • Viewing your and your family’s profiles, checking-in for attendance, viewing my giving history, giving to Wellspring, viewing calendar events, and more.

  • Why is my birthdate wrong?

    • The birthday year was not required in the previous software, so there was no data for ShelbyNeXT to use. Please update your birthday when you get a chance.

  • Is my profile data shared?

    • Your contact information will only be shared with relevant staff and ministry leaders who already have access. Confidential information such as online giving and pastoral care needs will remain secure and completely confidential.

  • What is a ShelbyNeXT group and how do I change my group(s)?

    • A group is a designation, such as a Sunday school class, a committee, or worship team. By using Groups, your team leader has the ability to contact members quickly without having to keep separate documentation on the group.

  • Will ShelbyNeXT change how my small group tracks attendance?

    • Eventually, small group leaders will be able to track their group's attendance with the touch of a few buttons on their smartphone or tablet.

  • Can I change my family’s profile data?

    • Yes, you can change their data. The changes go to for database update.

  • What if I can’t remember my password?

    • Access the ShelbyNeXT home web page or phone app and select Forgot Password.

  • What is check-in?

    • Use your phone to tell us that you are present for services and meetings at Wellspring. You must be within a half-mile radius of the church to use the check-in feature.

  • Do I still need to fill out a blue card if I use the check-in feature on my phone?

    • Yes, please! Tell about prayer requests and where you would like to use your talents.

  • How do I add family members?

  • What is ShelbyNeXT Giving?

    • ShelbyNeXT Giving is an online application that allows you to contribute to the church on a one-time or continuing basis.

  • What types of payments can ShelbyNeXT Giving accept?

    • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express Cards and Personal Checks (ACH/e-checks).

  • Who handles my donations?

    • All donations are securely processed and go directly from the donor’s account to Wellspring’s bank account.

  • Can I still give in automatically recurring payments?

    • You can set up recurring payments through the ShelbyNeXT app on your phone or tablet.

  • Who do I contact if I have any issues?

The video below will help guide you through the process of creating an account with ShelbyNeXT and using several of its key features. For questions or further help, attend one of our training workshops, listed above.