Donating Stock

How to Make a Stock Transfer to Wellspring

Always check with your tax advisor before making a donation of securities. Typically, it is prudent to donate appreciated securities, since you may deduct the appreciated value (average of high and low price on the day of the trade) and avoid paying capital gains tax. [This donation would be recorded on IRS form 8283 and attached to your Form 1040.] If the security has declined in value, it is better to sell the security to take the tax write-off, then write a check to Wellspring.


  1. Contact your broker to initiate a broker-to-broker transfer to Wellspring’s account at Edward Jones. Our Edward Jones broker will sell the transferred security and send a check for the net proceeds to Wellspring.
  2. Notify Gwen Guzenski, Wellspring’s financial secretary, so that she can contact anticipate receipt of the check and properly credit your donation. 

Wellspring Brokerage Account at Edward Jones:

Local Office

Andrew Cottrill, CFP

Edward Jones

102 W. Morrow Street, Ste. 102

Georgetown, TX 78626

(512) 863-8795

Shauna Lang

Senior Branch Office Administrator

(512) 863-8795

George Brightwell is Wellspring's contact for the Edward Jones account.