Legacy of Faith

For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Just as ancient water wells brought life to thirsty villages, Wellspring seeks to bring life to the community. We’ve grown from a tiny congregation, first meeting in Benold Middle School in March 1997, to a vibrant, diverse congregation worshiping in our own beautiful church building at 6200 Williams Drive. God’s spirit has welled up in our church, and through Him we have let our talents and resources flow into our church and into the Georgetown community. In response, Wellspring has established a Permanent Endowment Fund.

Permanent Endowment Fund

Just as flowing waters need a stable source, Wellspring also needs a source that will nourish the church and help it continue to grow in its ministries. Members and friends of the church can make charitable financial gifts—permanent endowments—that support the church and establish living memorials for a future with hope.

How a Permanent Endowment Fund Works

Your gifts to the Endowment Fund will provide Wellspring with a permanent financial resource to share the love of Christ with our congregation and beyond. The interest earned from the principal will help fund special needs and ministries identified by the Church Council. Envision your gift providing support for educational scholarships for young adults, missional outreach, or capital improvements.  

Earnings from the Permanent Endowment Fund will not be used to fund Wellspring’s programs that are included in the annual budget. Members and friends may give to the Endowment Fund as an undesignated gift or direct it to a designated fund within the Permanent Endowment Fund.

Types of Gifts

Donors may provide gifts to the Permanent Endowment Fund through:


Real estate

Stocks and bonds

Life insurance

Personal property

Donors can make gifts in a number of ways, including:

Memorial gifts


Charitable trusts

Wills or living trusts

Charitable gift annuities

Consulting with your attorney or financial advisory will help assist you in completing your legacy plans.

No Gift is Too Small

Just as a single rain drop helps to replenish a well, every gift to the Permanent Endowment Fund—no matter how small—will help nourish Wellspring. Gifts of any amount are an expression of love and respect for the future of our community of faith.

Who Administers the Fund?

An Endowment Fund Committee, elected by the Charge Conference of the Church, administers the Permanent Endowment Fund. This committee consists of the following members: six members at large; the chairpersons of the Board of Trustees, the Committee on Finance, and the Church Council and Wellspring’s senior pastor. Distributions recommended by the Committee will be submitted to the Church Council for approval before disbursements are made.

For More Information

A gift to the Permanent Endowment Fund will be a lasting, valuable gift to Wellspring. If you would like to discuss making such a gift, a member of the Permanent Endowment Fund Committee will be pleased to meet with you and answer your questions. Contact the church office at 512-930-5959 for names of current Committee members.

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