A Child's Place Preschool

Direct Line: (512) 819-6816

For more info, please visit: www.childsplacepreschool.com

Our vision is to provide the children with a loving, Christian, developmentally appropriate environment where the uniqueness of every individual is celebrated. Our program strives to be inclusive, to embody a diverse population and to be affordable.

Developmentally Appropriate Preschool Program

Play is the work of children. At A Child’s Place Preschool, our childcare preschool programs are based on the premise that children learn about the world through play. Learning takes place as young children touch, manipulate, and experiment with things and interact with people. Our preschool play environment is carefully created to maximize hands on learning and provide the children with opportunities for active outdoor play, imaginative games, independent discovery and group time experiences.

Early Childhood Education

At A Child's Place Preschool, our early childhood education programs ensure that your child learns and grows. We keep our class sizes small because we believe that proper childcare requires our teachers to interact with all of our precious children.