Racial Justice Prayer & Action Challenge

   Our Christian principles charge us to be a community of prayer and action. We are to live in the tension of piety and work. Worldwide, we continue to experience racial, ethnic, and tribal injustices that dehumanize God’s people. We are called to work towards liberation — as a spiritual and actionable practice. Wellspring, along with the UMC General Commission on Religion and Race, is inviting all of our church family to participate in the Racial Justice Prayer & Action Challenge. Beginning on Juneteenth (Sunday June 19, 2022).  Please commit to the following actions as you discern God’s will for racial justice.   

  1. Pray with us each day. Every day we will post on the Wellspring Facebook page a prayer for racial justice from a member of our Wellspring family.  Join us in lifting these and your individual prayers to God
  2. Take action. Every Friday in the Wellspring E-News and on a Wellspring Facebook post, we will suggest anti-racist actions, pick one and do it.
  3. Incorporate your prayers for racial justice in worship. Each Sunday we will present in worship a video prayer from a member of our Wellspring family.  Join us in worship each week and lift your voice during this prayer time for God’s mercy on each of us as we love ALL of our neighbors.
  4. Join the Wellspring Prayer Team.  Consider joining the Wellspring Prayer Team every Tuesday at 2:00 to pray for our world, our community, people serving our society, the church and Wellspring.  For information on accessing these virtual prayer times contact the church office.
  5. Join a community prayer service for racial justice. At the end of July as we complete the six-week prayer challenge, Wellspring will host a community prayer service.  Please watch for more information on this service and plan on joining as we lift with the Georgetown community our prayers for racial justice. 

   It is our prayer at Wellspring that each of you can join us as we lift our voices and actions to God in Jesus’s call to love ALL our neighbors.  Let us walk in His light as we encourage racial justice for all in His Kingdom.