Labyrinth Counseling at Wellspring

Andy David, MA, LPC-Intern

Supervised by M. Michelle Hawn, MA, LPC-S

If you're looking for affordable, professional counseling services near Georgetown, TX, you've come to the right place.

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Phone - (512) 842-7572

What to expect

What does Wellspring's motto, "All Are Welcome, All Are Accepted," have to do with affordable counseling services? At Wellspring, we believe that mental health issues should be treated just like any other health diagnosis, and not stigmatized as evidence of some lack of faith or weakness of character. We don't just pray for God to take away depression, anxiety, or a hurting marriage, we offer evidence-based treatment.

Christ calls us to stop, as the Good Samaritan did, and nurture our siblings in need, without any expectation of a "return on investment." In that spirit of love and care, Wellspring provides space and time for Andy David, who is on staff as Director of Worship and Pastoral Care, to provide low cost ($30-$60) counseling services at its facilities to all who seek them, regardless of faith background (or lack thereof).

When you come for counseling, expect to be met right where you are by someone who cares about you and sees you for who you are. Expect to be validated and encouraged to forge a new pathway on the labyrinth journey toward healing and wholeness.

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