Online Giving

Click here to download the ShelbyNeXT Giving Training Handout

Click here to view the ShelbyNeXT Onling Giving Tutorial Video

Our system for online giving is transitioning to ShelbyNext. You'll be able to set up your one-time and recurring giving online.

Install the ShelbyNeXT app on your iOS or Android device and use the Giving feature to make a one-time gift or to set up recurring giving.

You can also use the ShelbyGiving Web Portal to make a one-time contribution or set up recurring gifts. Click here or on the picture to the left for access.

If you previously used Vanco for giving, you can click here to discontinue your online giving with that company. We request that all Vanco accounts be discontinued by the end of June.

For more information about giving options, contact Gwen in the church office.

** Please note: Wellspring is charged a fee of approximately 3% for all online contributions. **

ShelbyNeXT Online Giving Tutorial